Table Tracker - Table location


Locate and Track your customers table with Table Tracker. Customers can now freely sit in your restaurant or cafe without the worry of a waiter not finding them. Customers can now decide on a table upon approach meaning they can get straight to ordering there food, even if a customer decides to change tables the tracker will sync the new table number onto the screen located by the waiters.

Upon arrival the customer will order there food and be handed a table tracker, the table tracker will then be placed on the table showing the table number of the screen where the waiters are...the table tracker allows staff to deliver the food immediately, straight from the kitchen instead of trying to look for table numbers around the cafe or restaurant the waiters will know exactly where to go...This operation speeds up delivery times that will create faster table turns and enhance your customers satisfaction!


As well as just simply locating and tracking the customers table the table tracker also supplies management with very detailed information, showing them how fast waiters are delivering the food and how long it takes for the waiters to collect the food from the kitchen, with the data that table tracker supplies management is able to improve and eliminate any problems within the restaurant or cafe.

With a colour coding scheme staff are able to see when and what customers have been waiting over a certain amount of time, management will also be aware of any implications regarding customer waiting longer than the time set, allowing them to improve and analysis the staff working.

Table Tracker is the best Table Location system to date. With RFID tags the waiters know the EXACT table the customers are sat at...even if the customer changes tables the system updates the screen and shows there new table.

How table tracker works in a cafe or restaurant:

  • Your customers place their order and is then handed a Table Tracker device by the member of staff
  • Your customers will then select a seat and place the tracker device on the table
  • That device will then send the table number back to the screen displayed to your staff
  • When the food is ready for delivery the waiter simply check the screen and is then aware where the exact table is
  • Fully reporting on delivery times, how long it takes for food leave the kitchen and much more data.