Table management Made easy in Restaurants

Table Management Made Easy


If you're like me, it's not that hard to remember how difficult it can be to get things right with tables in a busy restaurant, indeed you might still be struggling with it all today. Customers that somehow were left waiting for their table for extended periods, tables that have not been bussed and are holding up the guests, and even tables double booked. I'm sure you can think of many other things that go wrong all the time in your restaurant too.

It's a fact that poor table management costs the business bottom line profits, disgruntled customers who will 'never come back', over staffing and a general poor operation of what could otherwise be a really great business.



There are really just a small number of areas that need management focus to improve things, but in reality, those objectives often cannot be achieved without the tools needed to make things easier. Consider these aspects:

  • Management of the individual tables, whether open, being bussed or being used.
  • Customer management to ensure the customer gets their table on time, clean and efficiently.
  • Easy staff communication with custom messaging.
  • Reports and key metrics that can show the truth about performance and goals.

So how are we going to achieve the above? Historically it was not always easy, but over the last few years new technology has been utilised to offer a busy restaurant (or indeed other sectors of business) a solution using wait lists and more. A recent product called On-Cue which runs on an Apple iPad and freely downloadable from the Apple store has the answers to the above and a whole lot more.

At the heart of on-cue is a wait list and the real secret to the success of on-cue is the usability of the app with some very powerful features as follows:

Easy guest entry: It's simple to add parties of guests to the list, to offer a quoted time to seating and you are able to make notes of customer preferences.

Paging or SMS text: On-cue can work with guest pagers or with SMS messages and both methods of communication are fully supported. Indeed, the guest can choose how they want to be contacted when the table is ready.

Status flags: When a customer stated time nears, on-cue has markers on screen that change colour so you know exactly the current time left that was originally quoted.

Countdown timers: Built right in to on-cue are countdown timers that can alert a guest when their wait time is up. A great feature not found on some solutions.

Custom messages: It's important to get the right messaging out there and simple with on-cue and custom messaging to suit your exact needs.

Table management: Check table availability, seat guests or party’s. It's possible to update the table status from anywhere in the building.

Multi device sync: Use more than one iPad in the business. It's possible to use multiple I Pad’s viewing the same wait list so you know anywhere in the business the current state of play.

Unlimited guests: There is no limit imposed on numbers of guests in on-cue! Only pay for used SMS texts if you need SMS messaging.

With those sorts of features included for free in a downloadable application then there really is no reason not to have a great table management solution in your company. Efficiency will rise, problems and errors reduce and customer satisfaction will be the overall result - it’s a win win situation all round. But there are even more features within that app that will make the restaurant even more efficient.

There is a one touch staff page screen that allows you to simply tap a button on the screen to notify staff or the manager. Indeed, it’s an easy way to have kitchen or bar staff notify servers when orders are ready or call a manger if needed. And those custom messages for staff are so useful. It's also possible to use staff names on the buttons onscreen rather than a number - it makes things much easier to use. From the one touch screen, you can also indicate who is a manager. Page co-workers, runners or management when you need them.