SMS Text message paging



Our SMS paging systems allows 2 way paging to take place letting both parties send information. The freedom transmitter can work with both mobile phones and our  pagers making the system multi-purpose for staff and customer call. By using mobile phones instead or as well as pager can reduce your overall cost by 50% or more. Of course it can be frustrating to type a message on keypad which is why this transmitter you can optionally insert a USB Keyboard.

Increase your table turns and improve the communication between staff and customers enhancing the customers satisfaction of there visit to your business. There is no delay what's so ever with the freedom transmitter and a mobile device - the system will send multiple SMS messages simultaneously.

Benefits of the SMS pager transmitter

  • works with LRS pagers and mobile devices
  • Reduce start up costs by 50%
  • no delays between mobile messages
  • gives you more freedom on how to communicate with your customers
  • reduces walk outs
  • improves staffs performances
  • creates faster table turns

And so much more about the SMS paging transmitter!



The waitlist management system can also work with Mobile Devices as well as pagers the system is a great solution for busy restaurants or cafes! On-cue will help your cafe, restaurant sit customer quicker than ever creating faster table turns and great customer satisfaction.

On-cue its self is a free app available for everyone! Cost prices comes in when you need pagers or added features of the system to enhance the outcomes of the system. Text customers of their mobile phones when there table is ready! Reduce your costs by swapping pagers for SMS paging saving your company over 50% Manage your waitlists and keep your customers happy wit


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