Locate Customers

Running a business can be tricky especially if you need to locate your customers! These days a "wooden spoon" or numbered tables does not work. We offer systems that can indicate where the table is, with a flashing LED pager customers can indicate to the waiter where they are sitting.

Of course that is a low costing solution for table location, We offer a much more persist system called Table Tracker - the best location system in the industry .Table Tracker locates the exact table where the customer is sitting using RFID Tags. Not only can you locate the customers but Table Tracker also allows managers to see downloadable data when ever they want, showing where improvement needs be made and how long food is taken to leave the kitchen. Of course these systems don't only work great in restaurants and cafes but any industry where locating customers or visitors can be a challenge.



Locate and Recall customers throughout the building with the CS6 Coaster pager.

  • Easily Recall customers when food is ready to collect.
  • Locate customers when food is being delivered.

Great for busy restaurants and cafes, these coasters can create faster table turns, improve your staffs performance and make your customers experience allot more enjoyable and relaxing.

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Table Tracker - Is one of the most advanced systems used to locate customers easily. Our system allows waiters to know exactly what table the customer is sitting at and even better if the customer moves it will update the screen and show you there new table.

 It could not get better...but it does. Table Trackers also allows management to see the data that is collected and allow them to improve the delivery time, finding out the average time customers are waiting. We have seen some of our clients go from a 15 minute wait for toast, to a 4 minute wait. Now that is a great change that has improved many company's around the UK creating faster table turns and efficient staff.

Table Tracker is really as easy as 1,2,3 Call us today to find out more about TT and how it can help you improve your staff and enhance your profits.