Customer Recall solutions

Recall customers our recall paging systems! no matter what industry you are in if you have to recall customers to a table, appointment room or reception for example our pagers are perfect for you. As well as speeding up the time of recalling customers, our recall systems also keep confidentiality with a discreet buzz. No names are shouted or shown on screen allowing customers feel more at ease being recalled with a discreet page.



The adverteaser recall pager system is a great solution for recalling guests or patients! the pager has no sound holes so no leakages or dirt can enter the adverteaser. On the top of the adverteaser there is a 2 sided panel that allows you to promote deals or show the instructions on what to do with the pager. The Lexan material surrounding the pager is completely child proof, the promotions can be changed at any time by staff or management.

The adverteaser recalls customers, patients and guests by using a vibe, flash or a beep or a combination of the 3 - which ever works best for your staff and customers. Made with Lexan material the adverteaser is strong and shock resistant.






  • Made with Lexan Material
  • Front and back promotion
  • Child proof
  • On-site Programmability
  • Vibration, beep or glow settings to recall customers
  • Tracking mode
  • Anti-theft mode


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cs7-blue-recall-solutionsThe CS6 and CS7 are very similar, the CS7 is the new updated version with a digital display and an acknowledge confirm mode meaning if the coaster did not pick up the page because it is out of range the system will keep paging the coaster until the coaster receives the page!

Recall guests, customers and patients with the coasters that will vibe and flash when being paged that indicates for the customers, patients, guests to go to a member of staff or a appointment room.  The system is by far the best recalling solution to date! The CS7 is available in a range of colours such as : Blue, Green, Red, White and Multi-coloured. The CS6 is just available in red.


 Both systems have 4 charging pins allowing them to be stacked and charged any way around - saving staff the time of making sure they are all stacked in a certain way. The slick, clean design  makes the system suitable for ALL industry's where recalling customers can be a problem!