CS Series - CS7 coaster pager

The new re-designed coaster pager is better than ever...with the slick, clean design the customer coaster is the perfect solution for many businesses here in the UK. Available in many of different colours the coaster pager will look great in your restaurant! White, Blue, Red, Green and multi-coloured. The CS6 is only available with a red flashing LED. The CS7 coaster pagers are the best recall solution to date.


Recall customers instantly with the coaster call paging system! The coaster pager is the most efficient system in the industry helping staff easily recall customers. The coaster pagers can not only reduce walkouts but create faster table turns, increasing your staffs performance making your business the best.

This system is one of a kind that allows staff to know that the coaster has received the recall page and if it does not then the page will be sent until it is received. This is a very original and unique feature of the coaster Pager.

The CS6 is similar to the CS7 with slight upgrades. The CS7 has a new digital display which allows the coasters to be reprogrammed at any time.




Available in different colours the coaster pagers are the perfect paging solution for your staff! With a cool blue or light green the systems are designed to look the part in your companies.






The coaster systems can be used in many industries where recalling customers, patients and guests can be hard and frustrating for both staff and the customers the Coasters are perfect for:

  • Restaurants
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Spas and Salons
  • Clubs
  • Bars

and many more. Recalling customers is no longer hard or frustrating with CS7 the process is much more easier for both your staff and your customers


If you have any questions about the coaster call systems then please contact us today by filling in our contact form or calling us direct on 01782.537000 a member of our sales team will look forward to hearing from you.