CS Series - CS6 Coaster Pager


The coaster call is a unique system that can recall your customers immediately - no matter what sector of business you are in, if you have problems recalling customers back to receptions or tables then the coaster pager is perfect.

When the coaster is paged it will either vibe, flash or both. Its the perfect solution for recalling customers, guests or patients back.

The Coaster is perfect for restaurants or cafes. If customers are stood around in one area waiting for a table or waiting to collect their food/drinks it can cause many walkouts and also prevent people entering  the building. Coasters can solve this problem by creating a 'invisible queue' so customers who are waiting for their food can go sit down instead of gathering by the tills.

The coaster gives customers more freedom and improved staffs performance. Staff are no longer tied down shouting for or looking for the customers with coaster call customers can be easily recalled immediately.





We offer Custom Labels for out CS6 recall system, allowing your company to brand the coaster or put instructions on how to use the coaster system. Whatever you want on the label is completely up to you to decide.

The labels are perfect for branding and advertising to your customers.




Features of the CS6 Coaster Pager

  • Frees customers from waiting areas and cues
  • Red flash and vibe
  • 4 charging pins for secure charging
  • 48hrs on single charge
  • Shock absorbing Bumper for protection
  • Stacked in any order
  • Custom Labels available for branding
  • Light weight
  • Only available in Red
  • Numbered Label


Where can the CS6 Pager be used?

  • Restaurants   
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacies
  • Bars
  • Retail
  • Clubs
  • spa and salons
  • fast food restaurants


To find out more about the CS6 Coaster Pagers and labels please contact us today on 01782.537000 or fill in our online contact form and a member of our sales team will be in touch within the next 24/72 hours! We will look forward to hearing from you.