Adverteaser Customer Recall System


Recalling customers can be one of the hardest tasks running a busy business, Staff can sometimes go missing while look for customers, customers may walk out and not tell anyone, or people don't hear there name. We offer a solution that lets staff get on with their other jobs instead of looking for customers, reduce less walkouts and speed the wait time up. The adverteaser Paddle Pager will speed up the time the customers are waiting and recall them to a member of staff that will then look after that customer. A recall system can help your business massively not only recalling customers but speeding up wait times, reducing walk outs and much more.

Locating and recalling customers faster reducing walk outs and customer frustration. The robust customer recall paddle pager can advertise to your customers while they wait, its a perfect opportunity to promote deals, new products or explain what to do with the systems when it begins to vibe, flash or beep. The area you can promote is at the top of the actual pager and you can promote on BOTH SIDES, not just the one. The adverteaser AT4 has no speaker holes in the pager whatsoever so there is no possible way that the pager can harbor bacteria unlike many other pager systems out there currently. Free your guests from being tied down to the waiting area, increase your sales and reduce customer walk-outs.



  • Notify People Faster
  • Eliminate overhead paging
  • create faster table turns
  • create invisible queues
  • reduce walkways
  • Onsite reprogram ability - optional programming charger needed
  • vibe, flash, beep and glow alert modes
  • rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
  • anti theft mode
  • tracking mode
  • battery life - 48 hours single charge
  • Made of Lexan for durability
  • UHF Frequency FM 459.100Mhz


If you need to know anymore about the Adverteaser and how it can improve your staff and your business then please contact us on : 01782.537000 or fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch within the next 24 working hours!