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Improving Staff Efficiency

Customer Pagers Paging solutions for your business  

Recall, Locate & Manage your customers with our Paging Solutions





Customer Paging Systems & Solutions for Businesses across the UK
Recall, Locate & manage your customers

We have systems that can not only page customers but can track, locate and manage them. With NEW technology we are able to supply the best systems in the industry helping big and small businesses keep their customers and staff happy.

  • Create faster table turns
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • enhance your staffs performance
  • Reduce customer walk-outs
  • Manage customers wait times
  • Locate and track customers

Of course we don't just have the old fashioned "standard" pagers - We have quality up to date products. Ranging from Table Tracker to custom designer call buttons we have many solutions for all industries and all kinds of audiences - From cafes to super yachts to manufacturing.






Recall, Locate & Manage your customers!


SMS Text Transmitter

T7470 Freedom Transmitter

CS Series Coaster Call Systems

Coaster Pagers for customer recall and location

Adverteaser customer pager

Recall customers easily while advertising!

Custom Designer call buttons

Allow guests to recall waiters and staff easily

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